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Sportsbet makes a cloud push

with AWS and Mantalus


Leans on the experience of an industry leading partner to help guarantee the targeted outcomes of its AWS migrations

Sportsbet is a leading digital e-commerce business in the online wagering sector, bringing excitement to over 1.2 million Australian customers.


Representing over 25% of Australia’s online wagering market, Sportsbet employs over 700 staff across Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin. Sportsbet is licensed in the Northern Territory and is wholly owned by Paddy Power Betfair (PPB), a leading international sports betting and gaming operator listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.


Sportsbet is a key partner to Australian sport and racing and is committed to ensuring that Australia has the best, socially responsible wagering industry in the world. Additionally, Sportsbet is highly regarded for its market-leading brand and content, with innovative use of social and digital channels.


Sportsbet through years of investment in product development has remained at the leading edge of the online gaming industry.  One of its more recent developments is the ability to combine multiple wagers placed on a single sporting event - known simply as 'Same-Game-Multi'.  This product is focused on team sports where multiple singular betting products are available, and through innovation, can be combined into a single multi-result wagering opportunity.

The platform responsible for enabling this capability is an in-house developed application named 'Lightyear'.  For Sportsbet, they have a discrete deployment of their Lightyear platform for each of their targeted Same-Game-Multi sports.

Whilst the overall goal of the Sportsbet 2020 strategy is to achieve zero data centre footprint, each application's journey to cloud must be assessed using appropriate methodologies to ensure the greatest ROI is achieved for the cloud program overall.

The Lightyear platform, when hosted on-premises, has historically suffered from a lack of agility, meaning that improvements and innovation on the platform was slower than the business had hoped.  This was mainly due to infrastructure capacity restrictions, and the lack of modern CI/CD processes.


Sportsbet engaged Mantalus to assist in its cloud migration journey.  That selection was based in-part on Mantalus collaborative approach to migrations, aligning to Sportsbet's own goal of utilising a combination of in-house resource up-skilling, and AWS Partner resources to provide a pillar of leadership, guidance and expertise.

Mantalus began its contribution to the Sportsbet AWS journey by helping to refactor each of the discrete Lightyear sport platforms into a repeatable and immutable AWS infrastructure stack.  Mantalus both modernised and streamlined the build and deployment process for the platform by integrating version controlled CloudFormation templates with application code deployables.  By combining AWS services; Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDS), Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) and Simple Notification Service (SNS), the Lightyear applications made the leap lightyears into the future as part of their migration journey.



Since joining the Sportsbet Cloud Program, Mantalus has had a significant impact on both the direction, and velocity of the program.  Along with performing tidy up of newly introduced 'cloud technical debt' (a very poor customer outcome), Mantalus has streamlined toolsets and processes for the assessment, design, build and deployment of all application in scope for the Program.

For the Lightyear application set, the refactoring of the platform to AWS native services delivered specific outcomes defined as in-scope by Sportsbet, as well as additional benefits not initially considered by the internal Sportsbet stakeholders:

  • Speed to market was increased through the use of immutable infrastructure as code and the flexibility of having environments built on demand increased development velocity

  • Repeatable architectural patterns have enabled the expansion of new Lightyear sports (Additional sports already under development)

  • Improved Monitoring, Logging and Alerting (MLA) enabled faster fault finding and system resilience

  • Encryption of data in-transit and at-rest hardened the security of the platform end-to-end

  • Pre-existing application issues, prevalent in on-premises deployments, were resolved through revitalising the application architecture

Rupesh Kapadia, Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Sportsbet made comment on the success Mantalus delivered during the Lightyear engagement; "We have utilised several highly regarded AWS Partners early in our cloud migration journey.  But now those vendors all look to Mantalus for direction because of their industry leading capability"

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