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Mantalus has a growing list of technology partners, led by our close relationship with Amazon Web Services 

Our Integrated Toolset

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Our AWS Partnership

Consulting Advanced Migration & Solution

Mantalus is proud to announce it has progressed yet another level in the AWS Partner Network (APN) ranks.


We're now an Advanced Tier - Consulting Partner, opening us up to even more opportunities to work with AWS and its customers in the APAC region.  Mantalus has successfully made the progression from Registered, to Standard, and now to Advanced tier in less than 12 months, making it one of the fastest progressing APN Partners in APAC.


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the fantastic AWS Partner Support team, both in Australia and Singapore, for their collaboration and assistance in helping us (and all local AWS Partners) expand the region's capability to deliver great AWS outcomes.  We're looking forward to a bright future and an even closer relationship with AWS

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